Thanks to its climate and geographical advantage; it has been traditional to see international triathlon, mountain biking, beach volley, street handball, beach soccer, lacrosse tournaments in Alanya and now Alanya also hosts individiual sporst activities such as paragliding, surfing and orienteering.

As it is surrounded by the Toros Mountains in the Mediterranean; the thousand yer old culture of “Yoruk Lifestyle” is stil avaliable in the region such as spending the summer in the highlands although the ancient tents have been mostly replaced by the buildings. Tents made of goat hair are erected on the plains  above 1000m. When the herds are grazing; people make cheese and oil or they weave carpet or rugs. Its woods are full of pines and cedar trees and its valleys offer the view  of streams coming from the top of the mountains. You may have some unforgettable moments if you go and visit some highlands such as Susuz, Gökbel, Söğüt, Gedevet, Türktaş, Mahmutseydi and Deretürbelinas. Youwill enjoy both the smell of pine trees and the fresh air.

The highmountains surrounding the city in the north, east and the west block the strong winds and therefore they make the city available for a walk anytime of the year. Obviously, you will enjoy different seasonal colours of the nature  and be able to see various seasonal plants, which guarantees you an opportunity to capture very beautiful moments for your memories.

Within the scope of the Natural Sports Project in Alanya; the areas has been available for safe and fun natural sports thanks to the information and direction signs starting from the city centre and thanks to interconnected  walking tracks, cycling routes and off road destinations in an area of 2.240 km, 56 km in width and 40 km in depth. The areais consisted of Alanya roads in the South; Little Haghia Sophia in the North; Alara Inn, Hamaxia in the west; the two ancient cities- Syedra and Laertes- in the east; Akdağ Skiing Resort, Oba-Alacami, Kızılalan, Aksaray, Basırlı, Mahmutseydi, Türktaş, Süleymanlar, Gümüşgöze, Burçaklar, Karamanlar, Gedevet in the North east.